Exposition individuelle


“Would you entrust your children to them?» That stern warning to parents – presented as a rhetorical question since the birth of rock ‘n’ roll – is due for a rethink. And if we reinterpret it today from an existential point of view (with “them” being Hippie Hourrah), the answer is emphatically “Yes!”

Now behold  the creature! A three-headed beast whose brows sweat the oil by which bacchanals are lit. A band from which epic reverberations flow as from a joyous fountain, warmed by a serene cartoon sun with dilated pupils: the face of the cryptic, gnomic “Sun Family”, as the group’s devoted fan base is known. Guys who “look like they don’t give a damn, but who tick like clockwork, with raw, insane riffs» (as Les Inrockuptibles put it). Following their 2020 eponymous debut effort on Simone Records, Hippie Hourrah returns in 2023 with Exposition individuelle, a concept album around the work of Quebec painter Jacques Hurtubise (1939–2014).

Crédit texte : Ralph Text credit: Ralph Elawani