Exposition individuelle


“Would you entrust your children to them? » That stern warning to parents – presented as a rhetorical question since the birth of rock ‘n’ roll – is due for a rethink. And if we reinterpret it today from an existential point of view (with “them” being Hippie Hourrah), the answer is emphatically “Yes!”

Now behold  the creature! A three-headed beast whose brows sweat the oil by which bacchanals are lit. A band from which epic reverberations flow as from a joyous fountain, warmed by a serene cartoon sun with dilated pupils: the face of the cryptic, gnomic “Sun Family”, as the group’s devoted fan base is known. Guys who “look like they don’t give a damn, but who tick like clockwork, with raw, insane riffs » (as Les Inrockuptibles put it). Following their 2020 eponymous debut effort on Simone Records, Hippie Hourrah returns in 2023 with Exposition individuelle, a concept album around the work of Quebec painter Jacques Hurtubise (1939–2014).

Crédit texte : Ralph Text credit: Ralph Elawani